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Private money lenders in California real estate for over 30 years

Weldon Financial is a private real estate lending company that has been filling the needs of borrowers for whom conventional financing is inappropriate or undesired since 1997. Our experience, coupled with a strong, knowledgeable investor core gives us the ability to act quickly and decisively for the benefit of both lenders and borrowers. We provide private money loans (also known as hard money) to borrowers throughout California.

At Weldon Financial, it is our mission to treat lenders and borrowers fairly and with respect. We aim to help everyone benefit from the transaction, creating a win-win solution. Because of us, borrowers can take advantage of real estate deals they might not ordinarily be able to consider. In addition to our private lenders, we directly lend money ourselves or lend through private pensions that we manage.

We place tremendous value on our great core of investors. It is because of these investors that we can act decisively, and that we have the ability to fund loans in as little as 3 business days!

Weldon Financial specializes in short term real estate secured loans including:
Land Loans
Development and Construction
Homes, Apartments, Condos
Commercial and Industrial
Bridge Loans for Purchase Transactions

Some of the advantages that we offer include:
Quick funding!
No Up-Front Fees
Competitive Rates and Fees
No Appraisal in Most Cases
Flexible Loan Structures
Minimal Documentation

We love to lend to corporations, LLCs, probates and foreign nationals.

Our loans are fixed rate, interest only with no minimum FICO requirement. Our programs are designed to provide lightning-fast service and creative funding solutions. We recognize the importance of speed, and that loans must often be structured around each client’s unique set of financial circumstances.

Weldon Financial Inc. - Direct hard money lenders you can count on!

Simple solutions to tough loans!

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Weldon Financial Incorporated